Yoganest is one of our youngest project,  whose purpose is to support the well being of the local community by providing low cost, accessible classes and workshops like yoga, dance, ballet, meditation, tai chi, and many more.

Our aspirations for the Yoganest reflect our ambitions for SMH. We believe that by working with the local community, through the studio, we have the opportunity both to help tackle well being issues and to engage the community with SMH’s work.

In the past year we have expanded our timetable and we now work with 29 teachers who offer 42 weekly classes out of which some are completely free, almost half of them by donation and all the rest at very low costs.  2016 was also one of best years yet as we provided more than 1650 classes and 20 workshops for the community, and 2017 is a strong contender. 

We always focus on diversifying the offer while also catering to the requests we receive from the community so now our timetable is peppered with dance and yoga sessions for children, mum & baby classes, seated acupuncture massage, and so many more.

The sessions take place in our studio at 27 Old Ford Road, in the Hall at 21 Old Ford Road or  in other spaces on our premises.

As with all of our projects, the Yoganest is also about making meaningful connections with people that live in the same area and share the same interests. Here is just one of the stories about the warm community feeling that we support with the help of the wonderful teachers who dedicate their time to sharing their skills and knowledge:


''I was looking for a local yoga class some months ago and found out about the Yoganest. I found that the Sunday morning class suited me best. Flavia Cerrone sets it at just the right level and she is great at creating a friendly environment where people can interact with each other without feeling out of place. I soon made a new friend, Ha, who is not only a creative person like me, but also turned out to be almost a neighbour, living very close to where I am!  For me, the yoga class is not just about the practice, wonderful in its own way, but it’s also about who you meet and the sense of community that creates, bringing locals together with whom you would not meet unless you took up a common interest like yoga! ''  Amanda Taylor, Yoganest student



Studio opens 15 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.

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