Ashtanga primary series

Annie structured the class as to say more in each posture than in usual primary series classes, as she wants to teach more about the way to adjust the asanas, what is happening physically, and energetically, how to deepen into the postures, how to be effective in unifying the tools of breath, perception, focus, movement, weight, opening, surrender, balance, in fact all the aspects that are part of the constant movement of change within the process. 

''We grow in confidence as we learn to unify this full magnificence, calming the minds chatter, and giving space to the presence of a still centre.

Usually always the same, the primary series can create the meditative element that is also a key goal of yoga and is very pleasurable to experience. Traditionally the postures, the breath, the focus are named and the teacher can sound like a drill sergeant counting the breaths. The full sequence takes 1.5 hours and we only have 1 hour though, so we pack a lot into one hour, and each week has a slightly different focus.''

It is said that 3 years of consistent practise prepares and aligns the body to do the next series, although in reality, many people are able to do some of the postures from the subsequent series too. The primary series aligns and balances and strengthens, preparing for back-bends, extreme flexibility, strength, and precision balance. Every body and person is different, and so we also touch on some of these other postures in the Friday class, simply because we can, they are fun, and they do inform us and extend our understanding of the foundations. 





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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.