Dynamic Evening Flow

Join Jade for a Dynamic evening flow and start your week off by giving yourself some time on your mat to focus on yourself.

''Using my playful and mischievous personality my classes challenge you to reconnect with your bodies. Through mindful movement and dynamic sequences focusing on strength, flexibility and balance, combined with breathing techniques and core work we use our body to overcome the body allowing us to become stronger, leaner and more flexible whilst calming our minds and allowing us to be present ,and undertaking a journey of self discovery on the mat. Learn to translate the practice of yoga from our mats to our everyday lives and give your mind and body not only a work out but a “work in”!
Starting with gentle pranayama breathing techniques allow yourself to then be guided through a rejuvenating and creative flow and exhale and release anything that does not serve you.

My classes portray beauty, power and strength with alignment cues and a little intention. Dynamic
sequences and energetic postures combined with relaxing and grounding techniques  will leave you feeling energised, invigorated yet calm and grounded and ready to take on the week ahead. '' Jade, Yoga Instructor




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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.