healing hatha yoga

Whether you are a complete beginner to yoga or an advanced student, this gentle healing Hatha Yoga class is suitable for you. You will lovingly and gently stretch and strengthen the physical body through learning basic yoga postures. 

Explore how they relate to your individual body so we are not just doing the postures without awareness, but we are actually feeling them and using them to realign, strengthen, heal, relax, and enjoy the practice. Use a variety of breathing techniques, meditations, visualisations and sound healing, to let go of the stresses of modern living and get back in touch with your true nature of peace and joy.

Meditation and relaxation will take place with the ambience of a candlelit room for deep relaxation and peace. 
Yoga is a fantastic tool to strengthen the body, calm the mind and connect to a deeper sense of self. 



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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.