yoga For children

Yoga and Mindfulness helps children realise their full potential.

Allow your child to experience the life-changing effects of yoga in a fun and interactive way. They will explore traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation in a non competitive environment.

Yoga empowers individuals with self awareness and self confidence whilst increasing flexibility, concentration, physical strength and motor control. From September we offer a fun after school class with Francesca, who is trained in Yoga and Mindfulness for Children with Special Yoga Foundation.

''In my experience, lots of children have a short attention span and many of them nowadays struggle to concentrate for more than few minutes, often fidget and talk and sometimes they are not even aware of it. Some of their troubles come from reactive behaviours, and by bringing more attention and awareness to their experience by practising yoga and meditation, they can better chose to respond to situations rather than react.'' ( Francesca)

Here are some quotes of children with whom Francesca used yoga therapeutically in schools:

            ''I normally fidget and shout.  She helps me to do things with my hands and breathing.  She’s fantastic.  I haven’t been getting into trouble lately ''(Year 6 child)

            ''She taught me about some breathing, so when I was upset I can do a special breath.  It was useful.  After I felt I could be people’s friend even after a tiny argument.'' (Year 4 child)

            ''When I breathe I feel more relaxed and put my hand up in class rather than shutting down'' (Year 5 child)

            ''I can go to a place now when I am angry and I calm down and then I can talk to people calmly.'' ( Year 6 child)


INSTRUCTOR: FRANCESCA CAMOZZI . Through mindfulness, meditation and yoga Francesca wishes to guide each kid she encounters onto a journey to meet their inner strength and grow the skills to face life challenges. In 2016 she trained as a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with the Special Yoga Foundation and she is continuing her training to specialise in working with kids with special needs and bring mindfulness training to teachers in schools as part of a NHS project.