Anna came to yoga through her contemporary dance background and took her practice around the world with her before moving to the capital and training with YogaLondon in 2010. Since then she has shared her love of yoga at every opportunity whilst completing a degree and becoming a mother - from corporate classes in London offices and community drop-ins to pop-up workshops in unusual spaces and European festivals.

She teaches flowing vinyasa sequences with a lot of space for exploration and playfulness, drawing upon a wide range of techniques and traditions. She encourages each student to become their own teacher, giving them the tools to connect with and express their individuality through asana practice. 

Her journey into motherhood enlightened her to how empowering yoga and meditation can be as a celebration of the bond between mother and baby and as an aid to the physical and emotional preparation for birth and beyond. She teaches weekly pregnancy classes at YogaNest and offers occasional post-natal workshops in East London as well as extended sessions to explore creative expression through craft, movement and meditation to support the birth-journey from conception through to parenthood.




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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.