Nadia Bocheva

Nadia is practicing yoga from 18 years old and teaching ever since. Firstly starting with her family and friends, then she moved on to work and university colleagues. She received her first teacher training with Yoga London school in 2012 in Vinyasa Flow.

Yoga for Nadia is the best thing one could do for yourself and for those around. Through the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation and life coaching, she guides and helps the students to grow to their best as a yogi and as a person.

Nadia aims to live a yogic lifestyle to the extent she can, which makes her classes a real and authentic experience. Her teaching style is strong with a heavy emphasis on breathing awareness and alignment. In addition, each of her students is unique, and so is their yoga journey. 

Nadia guides and helps her students to grow to their best as a yogi and as a person. She teaches with love and inspiration which make her classes an amazing experience. 

Nadia teaches Vinyasa Flow, which is a dynamic style of yoga where the movement is coordinated with the breath. One movement is flowing onto the next with balanced rhythm so that a sort of "meditation in motion" occurs. In her classes, she focuses on strengthening the back muscles, opening the shoulders, releasing tension and stress due to all the consequences of the modern life.





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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.