thania tympanari

I have first found Yoga through dance at 2000 in Athens, where I was studying and trying to recover from a long lower back problem. After my first class I felt the freedom, that had never found in any physical exercise before. Since then I have been practicing many styles of Yoga, fell in and out of love with so many of those and I found my home in Vinyasa Flow.

“Why Vinyasa Flow?” people ask me. Because in my mind all actions in life are meant to be Vinyasa: synchronized breath with movement. The Flow classes I teach are influenced from Dance, Martial Arts, Swimming, Alexander Technique and Ayurveda! You will think how can you put all of these together in just one Vinyasa Class! Well you can! With lots of love and understanding for the individual, always moving forward with attention and intention. Like is said in Quantum Physics, if you give your awareness to the simplest action, the quality of that action changes! I have been blessed with so many teachers from my young years till now!

I have received my 200hr Certification with Lara Baumann and my 30hr with Cameron Shayne in Budokon Yoga(a unique style, that blends Martial Arts with Yoga).I also teach kids from age 3 to 7.

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Studio opens 20 minutes before classes. 

Classes are also held in the hall at 21 Old Ford Road.