Our ARTS Team

Our creative workshop is home to teachers who dedicate their time to sharing their arts and crafts skills and knowledge with the community. Get to know some of them below!



After years of teaching, I took a few courses in beading and then decided I would like to carry on beading with other people. I enjoy the mix of people, sharing my skills with others to try out new techniques and problem solve. I like to ensure people learn the basics of working with wire and then they can branch off into wire work, pearl knotting and fabric jewellery. Sessions are fun and people go away with a sense of achievement, which gives me satisfaction too. I've always been interested in craft, but never committed much time to it, now I'm making up for that lost time! 


Bossa Nova and everyday life are what inspire me and I enjoy combining a variety of materials (often found) to create playful and participatory installations. Being a typewriter lover, they are often used in my workshops. In my friendly meet up - an adaptation of a residency I did at the Barbican a few years ago, that I've been running since November 2016 at The Create Place – Poetry and Arts are the excuse for getting people together, and exchange is the key. As a result, you can expect that every session is a source of inspiration!  



I have been a practising herbalist for more than 10 years. I quickly realised that although one-to-one consultations were effective in treating an individual, it was more powerful to connect whole communities to the knowledge and traditions of healing from herbs, foods, roots and all of nature. I have since been holding various workshops and herb walks across the UK. Sharing herbal wisdoms, storytelling, song and remedy making for the whole family.  

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I am passionate about the idea of creating spaces to let creativity flourish in a safe and slow paced environment, where people can exchange their gifts in a creative, engaging and supportive way. 

As part of my own artistic practice and research, I am interested in exploring  how families keep traditional crafts alive,  and how memories related to crafts  travel between within generations in a family context. 

Art Sense Studio is a community venture which began in Haringey and is now reaching out to communities in Tower Hamlets  and beyond!



I co-host the East London Art Club with Selma Piro on Thursday evenings. I never got the chance to study art at school - I bore that grudge for a long time, until I eventually studied A level Fine Art at Croydon College in the evenings. I got the bug, and quit my job(!) to live abroad for a year studying the Foundation Fine Art degree at the Cyprus College of Art.  My day job is as the Learning and Development Advisor for Terrence Higgins Trust, and as Events Facilitator at the British Museum.

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At ELAC, it has been important to keep sessions going throughout holidays and festive seasons, as that is often when needed most by those who may feel isolated or alone. We are grateful that the Create Place allow us to keep going during those sometimes solemn periods.

Our sessions are usually attended by a combination of regulars and newcomers, and the atmosphere can vary from peaceful and calm, to almost a party environment. However, I try to stay faithful to the initial intention of maintaining a reflective space for those who are able to be conscientious and mindful of others, so as to be able to access their own unique creativity and inner reflections. 

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Little Artists is about nurturing the creative minds and audiences of tomorrow. I have been teaching visual arts for over 10 years. My holistic approach to teaching and learning often encompasses traditional processes incorporating modern technologies, which provides a way in for building meaningful engagement and considering the role that art plays in our everyday lives. I studied BA Hons Fine Art Photography at UAL Camberwell College of the Arts, and I have a PGCE in Education.


At school my favourite subjects were art and biology, so going into drawing plants and animals seemed appropriate. My first solo exhibition was when I was fifteen at Halls Place in Bexley. I then trained at The Slade School of Fine Art where I achieved a Masters degree. I painted twelve foot oil paintings of sprouting onions or potatoes I found in my kitchen cupboards. After leaving The Slade I realised I needed a proper job so I then trained in illustration at Putney School of Art and botanical art at Chelsea. I now work as a freelance artist and illustrator as well as teach. I really enjoy teaching, there is something very enjoyable about showing people how to slow down and really look at the natural world around them. I am currently writing a book about trees. Written as a diary, it explores trees throughout the year including scientific discoveries, old folk legends and remedies.



I've been teaching community arts all over Tower Hamlets for 23 years and I'm a qualified art teacher with an art degree. I run art projects in schools and with community groups across London, doing things like drawing, marbling, paper making, tie dye, batik, printmaking, decoupage, paper crafts, card making, interior design, recycled fashion, mask making, interior design, glass painting, screen printing and painting in oils, watercolour and acrylics.