I Studied dance and theatre at Lewisham College 1993-1997 where I was introduced the FeldenkraisMethod® by one of my dance teachers. He used it to increase awareness and range of movement beforebeginning dance sequences, as well as rehabilitating injured students. I struggled with my flexibility as adance student-awareness through movement classes increased my range and quality of movement.

While studying a theatre degree at Goldsmiths College 1998-2001 I was a member of the Suzuki ResearchGroup 2000, an acting group using the techniques of Tadashi Suzuki, who developed traditional Japaneseacting techniques from Noh and Kabuki theatre for his theatre.


Attending The International Theatre School of Jacques Lecoq 2002 I found a physical form of theatre that fascinated me. It trained the actor to use his body to absorb the many elements and rhythms in nature andour built environments-and then tell stories that allowed the audience to see these things a new.

I have run theatre workshops for Half Moon Young peoples Theatre, Peckham Boys to Manhood PRU,Peckham Youth Theatre, Southwark borough and run peer-mentoring schemes in schools and collegesthrough a children’s charity.

In 2011 The London Feldenkrais® training began and I had the chance to begin the journey to fulfill myambition to deepen my understanding of the method by training to be a qualified practitioner.

I am intrigued to unlock the potential we have through movement, studying this method engages me withthe constant questions of how to improve the movements of others and increase self-awareness.

I have been attending Feldenkrais® group and individual classes for the passed 18 years. I am a member ofthe Feldenkrais Method United Kingdom guild.