Lunchtime Ashtanga Yoga

A lunchtime condensed 45 minutes Ashtanga Primary Series Modify flow, ideal to reset the body and the mind half way through your day. We will be working on dynamic flows synchronizing breath and movement. This powerful and healing practice will help you cultivate strength, flexibility and stamina in the body.  The mind will also feel at ease, allowing you to find a quiet space in the middle of the city.

INSTRUCTOR:  CAROL ARNELAS started her Yoga path a few years ago while working Monday to Friday in the City of London. She had what it’s commonly believed as a successful life: a ‘good job’, lots of friends, a partner to share life with and enough money to travel and go out every weekend. But there was still a void inside her, something was missing. It’s like this how she started practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation. Both practices helped her to overcome back pain, become grounded and taught her to enjoy life. One day she realized she had found her path in life, decided to train as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga London and finally quit her 9 to 5 life.