St Margaret's House offers a wide range of opportunities to get involved in your local community, make a difference, make friends and contacts and gain experience. 


As well as our volunteering opportunities in The Gallery Cafe, Ayoka and The Create Place, many of the organisations based at St Margaret's also offer opportunities to volunteer. Visit our Volunteers Page for more information.

Move your organisation to our site

Is your organisation looking for new accommodation or office space? Whether you're a one man band or a large organisation we might have the space you need. Visit our Available Space page to find out more.

eat at the gallery cafe

The tastiest way to support us is to eat at our cafe, safe in the knowledge that every cappuccino or cupcake you buy will benefit the community.

start a charity or community organisation

Are you interested in starting a charity of community organisation? Our remit is to provide practical support and opportunity for community networking and development. If you have a bright idea and want to start something please don't hesitate to contact us.

visit our community shops

Every time you buy an item from Ayoka, our charity boutique, you are directly supporting St. Margaret's House and helping reduce waste in your local community.

join the university of the third age (u3A)

The U3A is all about people sharing their skills, knowledge and passion with others; so if you have a talent you'd like to share or a group you'd like to set up, please let us know by emailing us.

learn a new skill

Every time you attend a workshop at The Create Place, you will be supporting our community project and will help us achieve our goal of self sufficiency for the project. Our aim, once self-sufficiency is reached, is to fund free slots and programmes of workshops for local community groups, independent from any outside source of funding.


Would you like to support our activities by donating to us? If so, please contact us.