Sea + Air

600 shows, 26 countries, 3 years of non-stop touring across a changing continent. A show in Lisbon next to a demonstration turning into a riot. Side rooms full of smoke and stacked money in Italy. Meeting Ukrainian fans with a foreboding of an upcoming war. And a married Greek/German couple in the thick of it.

Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin aka SEΛ + ΛIR found themselves in the right place at the right time. While touring their debut both recognised the significance of these scenes they were moving within for an album about Europe reflected in the eyes of young people across the continent.

So their second album “Evropi” became a blueprint of continental – european pop music that stands out against the common anglo-american way of defining popular music.

Combined with SEA + AIR's extraordinary way of playing several instruments at the same time this is one of the rare opportunities to see a truly unusual live performance in music today.

The band will be supported by Benjamin Yellowitz

Tickets: £5 on the door