St. Margaret’s House is a unique charity supporting community, good works, creativity & wellbeing in Bethnal Green.

Our projects anchor us in the community, providing spaces for residents to eat, shop, learn, create, and enjoy a diverse cultural program. Our buildings are home to more than 27 community organisations and charities that rent space on our premises and many others that hire our rooms for their meetings, training sessions, and events.

The Gallery Cafe offers a vegan menu with many locally-sourced options, as well as serving as a popular events venue.

Yoganest , provides low-cost yoga,  dance and fitness classes as well as holistic therapies for the community.

Our charity shop, Ayoka, is a wellspring of low-cost yet fashionable clothing, housewares, books, records, and CDs.

The Create Place began as an arts and crafts workshop and also provides space for support groups, wellbeing initiatives, and adult learning classes to better serve the diverse needs of our community.

The profits from these projects enable us to run volunteer programmes, do good works in the community and support local organisations.

OUR team

Meet a few of our wonderful team members:


TONY HARDIE - Director

I’m Tony Hardie, I’m the director of St. Margaret’s House. I’m a teetotal, non-smoking vegan cyclist but broadly non-judgemental toward people who can’t attain these exemplary standards. :)

LUCINDA KINGSNORTH - General Manager,  Gallery Cafè

It’s really exciting to see the Gallery Café grow and to know we provide something special to our customers and the community.  I love working here because of all the amazing people I get to meet and the staff I work with, also you should know I’m the crazy one who writes the funny blackboards.

SIMONE BANDINI - Sous Chef, The Gallery Cafe

St Margaret's House and The Gallery Café are truly lovely places to work. I'm a creative and hardworking chef with a deep passion for food and lots of experience working in busy restaurants around Italy and England. At 16, inspired by my grandmothers, I started my food sharing adventure and since then I've always known that being in a kitchen, preparing amazing food for others, is where I want to be.

NICOLA DI RUSSO - Chef, Gallery Café

After changing  my diet a decade ago I always wanted to become a chef, which I did a few years later. I have worked as vegan chef around the world and I really like how this job really lets me express myself and be creative. I believe that veganism is the most powerful choice we can make to change world and ourselves.

NATALIE JOELLE - Founder of the Gallery Cafe Book Club

I am a doctoral researcher in English and Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London and lecturer at Morley College, where I  direct The Close Reading Room. I founded
the Gallery Café Book Club  7 years ago and we still meet every month!

FRANCESCA ROMERO REUS- Cafe Assistant, Gallery Cafe

As a convinced vegetarian, it makes me very happy to work in a
place that serves cruelty-free food exclusively; and being part of such an inspiring and lovely crowd makes me even happier. Outside the cafe, I
occasionally teach Spanish lessons, play and record my own music and annoy people by performing unsolicited songs of my band back in Spain, Los Ovarios.


DIANA SERBAN -Communications & Administration Manager

It's great to be part of a warm, positive and fun team, willing and able to develop wonderful projects for the community. We have some exciting plans for the future so make sure you stick around!

FRANCESCA GRASSI- Graphic Designer

I've studied design in Milan and after working for more than 6 years in a creative studio, I moved to London to broaden my horizons. I am very happy to be part of such a positive and welcoming team! 

TRESA GILLAM- Community Wellbeing Manager

I'm very excited to be a part of the team and head up the well being programme here at St. Margaret's House. I'm going to be working with local wellness professionals to bring a diverse timetable of activities to the community. I'm also a qualified personal trainer and a huge fan of all things fitness. 

SIOBHAN FORSHAWCommunity Arts Manager

I'm so excited to work alongside such a proactive and dedicated team of people as we consolidate the existing arts calendar and move forward with an ambitious and progressive programme within the community. 


MARTIN PETTITT - Administrator 

AMANDA TALSMA-WILLIAMS  -‘Crafting is Connecting’  Coordinator , The Create Place

I am a full-time Mum who never gave up teaching. I started volunteering 3 years ago to see what a business sharing the pleasures of making could be like. But it has turned out to be much more than work experience for me: I enjoy the exchange of ideas, the different perspectives on problem-solving and the encouragement. Everyone shows everyone new things. Not competitive but exciting and stimulating nevertheless.

OLIVIA MASON- Volunteer Art Curator

Having worked in arts fundraising for a number of years it is a pleasure to now be part of the Gallery team and work alongside some fantastic artists. I am passionate about culture-led regeneration and particularly love supporting the amazing artistic community in and around east London. I look forward to forging some excellent collaborations.

GEORGE PARIS - Events Manager

I have a BA Music degree, co-managed a creative arts tent at Secret Garden Party, and ran gigs at a range of venues across the capital. I love the team and the performers that I work with, and hope that more people will discover this gem of a venue like I have.

NIGEL MACMILLAN Community Engagement Manager, Ayoka

I manage a diverse group of volunteers at Ayoka who all work brilliantly to run our little community shop. By the local community at large, we are seen as a boutique with a retro feel, and this warms my heart. We also spread the message of the environmental impact with donated goods and the benefits of purchasing recycled items, helping towards the reduction of the carbon footprint.

LOTTI BLADES-BARRETT- Deputy Shop Manager, Ayoka /  Social Media Coordinator

I help manage the day-to-day running of the brilliant Ayoka charity shop. I also manage the charity's social media accounts and communications,  which is great fun! St. Margaret's House is a really gorgeous, unique place to work and learn.  

JOSE GAMA  - Finance Manager   

JANICE HATT- Volunteer, Ayoka

I was born in East London and moved to Bethnal Green in 2009. I have worked at Ayoka for over 2 years and I really enjoy being there. I get to meet people from all walks of life- a complete mixture of human life. To be honest, I think Ayoka has done more for me than I've done there . I get a good feeling being in the shop, it's much more than a charity shop, it's a community shop and I love being there.  

BRENDA DAVIES - Volunteer Workshop Facilitator, The Create Place

I'm a retired teacher and I've lived in the area for over 35 years. After years of teaching, I took a few courses in beading and then decided I would like to carry on beading with other people. I didn't think of being the teacher, but I found myself being persuaded and nearly three years later I'm still here. I enjoy the mix of people, sharing my skills with others to try out new techniques and problem solve. I like to ensure people learn the basics of working with wire and then they can branch off into wirework, pearl knotting and fabric jewellery. Sessions are fun and people go away with a sense of achievement, which gives me satisfaction too. I've always been interested in craft, but never committed much time to it, now I'm making up for that lost time!