St. Margaret’s House is a unique charity supporting community, good works, creativity & wellbeing in Bethnal Green.

Our projects anchor us in the community, providing spaces for residents to eat, shop, learn, create, and enjoy a diverse cultural program. Our buildings are home to more than 27 community organisations and charities that made our buildings their home and many others that hire our rooms for their meetings, training sessions, and events.

The Gallery Cafe offers a vegan menu with many locally-sourced options, as well as serving as a popular events venue.

Yoganest  provides low-cost yoga,  dance and fitness classes as well as holistic therapies for the community.

Our charity shop, Ayoka, is a wellspring of low-cost yet fashionable clothing, housewares, books, records, and CDs.

The Create Place began as an arts and crafts workshop and also provides space for support groups, wellbeing initiatives, and adult learning classes to better serve the diverse needs of our community.

The profits from these projects enable us to run volunteer programmes, do good works in the community and support local organisations.

OUR team

Meet a few of our wonderful team members:


TONY HARDIE - Director

LUCINDA KINGSNORTH - General Manager,  Gallery Cafè

MATT copy.jpg

MATTHEW SOGORSKI - Head Chef,  Gallery Cafe

SIMONE BANDINI - Sous Chef, Gallery Cafe

Jay Ferry.jpg

JAY FERRY - Supervisor, Gallery Cafe

NATALIE JOELLE - Volunteer,  Founder of the Gallery Cafe Book Club


OLLIE- Volunteer, Ayoka

Martin KP.jpg

MARTIN- KP, Gallery Cafe


DIANA SERBAN -Communications & Administration Manager

FRANCESCA GRASSI- Graphic Designer

SIOBHAN FORSHAWCommunity Arts Manager

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JENNIFER RICHARDS- Social Media Coordinator

AMANDA TALSMA-WILLIAMS  -‘Crafting is Connecting’  Coordinator , Create Place


DRITA - Volunteer, Ayoka

BRENDA DAVIES - Volunteer Workshop Facilitator, The Create Place

GEORGE PARIS - Events Manager

NIGEL MACMILLAN Community Engagement Manager, Ayoka


ROSEMARY SLAY- Community Wellbeing Manager


SUZANNE BAKER- Assistant Manager, Ayoka

JOSE GAMA  - Finance Manager   

JANICE HATT- Volunteer, Ayoka