Classes are an accessible fusion of strengthening, stretching and calming practices ensuring that time-poor urbanites leave the class feeling that they had a workout, a stretch and an opportunity to still the mind.

Expect to hear modern tunes, synched to the yoga sequence, be enveloped in aromatherapy scents to maximise the desired effect of the class (be it invigorating or relaxing) for complete escapism.

Classes are suitable to all levels but expect to feel warm and challenged throughout

Instructor: Marsha Aldridge

After 10 years working as a lawyer in the City and for international brands, Marsha, took take a career break to visit the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, India, to be taught by the finest yogis and brightest Swamis, not only the yoga postures, but also yoga philosophy. Upon her return to London, Marsha wanted to share her new skills and outlook on life with friends and family.

As an office worker, cyclist, runner and gym fan, Marsha had insight into the unique needs of urbanites and a city-tailored approach to teaching yoga. Soon her lessons were oversubscribed and she decided to share her practice with the public, setting up Urban Yogi Space to help stressed out city-dwellers experience yoga in a way that was accessible, fun and effective!