Our Wellbeing Team

Our studio and hall are home to over 30 teachers who dedicate their time to promoting well being and to sharing their skills and knowledge with the community. 


ALYSON PEDRAO was born in  Brazil where he graduated as a Ballet and Contemporary Dancer. Since then he has collaborated with many different productions in the performance art and fitness industry. He has worked in  Brazil, Belgium and London as a dancer, actor, pilates instructor and coach. He studied STOTT Mat Pilates and Advance Matwork at the YMCA. 


ANNA KRITIKOU is a Hatha Yoga instructor, and Alexander Technique teacher. She was always interested in the structure of the body and the way it moves and functions, and her teaching plays with those ideas. Her lessons aim to increase understanding of the body and self awareness; provide space for change and improve general well-being by reeducating body and mind. You can contact her by email or on her website.

CAROL ARNELAS started her yoga path a few years ago working Monday to Friday in the City of London. Practising yoga and meditation helped her to overcome back pain, become more grounded and enjoy life. She decided to quit her job and took a training with Yoga London and is now taking further training in Tantra with Tantra Essence. Her classes are a dynamic and energetic flow, incorporating active meditation and Tantric principles. 



EEDY JAMES'  love for dance started 18 years ago when she was part of a huge dance academy at the age of 5. She specialises in Street Dance, Contemporary, Lyrical and Tap. She has a Degree in Early Childhood studies and began working with children 4 years ago. This is where she decided to combine both of the things she is most passionate about. The main aim of her company is to help children build their confidence.

LUISA DEMANT started yoga to recharge her batteries and give her a break from a stressful job. Very soon she discovered that breath is an amazing tool to calm the mind and achieve body awareness. Her aim is to help people make the most of yoga by connecting yoga postures with real life off the mat.  Find out more on Facebook  or via email .


SELMA PIRO'S Way of Wellness has been developed around her own skill-set of community development (including international development with UNICEF), safeguarding, public health (MSc in Applied Nutrition & Food Policy) and therapeutic work (Dance Movement Psychotherapy), as well as regeneration, timebanking, permaculture and management tools like Action Learning (School for Social Entrepreneurs’ Fellow & Chartered Management Institute, Level 4 Introductory Diploma in Management). For more information visit her website   or contact by email.


AMANDA WRAY has been teaching yoga for over 20 years in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. She's taught in prisons, hospitals, schools, children's centres and of course, plain, old, draughty church halls. She trained in the Iyengar style originally, and then took her experience into the world of pregnancy and post-natal yoga, which she's found hugely rewarding and enjoyable.

ANNALISA COHEN  has been a practising complementary therapist for the past five years. Her  focus as a therapist is to make bodywork therapy an accessible part of a client’s normal routine, without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of each treatment, working with each client to address their needs and work towards the long term goal of balance in mind and body.  Get in touch via email.


CHARLOTTE WISEMAN  is an accredited Yoga Alliance and Anusara Elements teacher with 16 years experience. She has experience in Anusara, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Embodied Flow and Inner Axis methods as well as additional training in working with injuries.  Her classes are alignment based, ideal for all levels of experience. Whether an absolute beginner or a 'seasoned' yogi , she will lead you in a heart felt practice to support and challenge you.


EVE LIVADITIS been practising Transcendental Meditation (TM - made famous by the Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) for over 6 years, and have attended advanced mantra and yogic flying courses associated with TM. She is passionate about group meditation and the powerful amplification effect that the group members have on one another.  She offers a basic technique that can be used effectively in the session along with an alternate nostril breathing (pranayama).

JAMES SMEE has been practicing yoga for over ten years and graduated from the Triyoga teacher training programme two years ago. He is a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher. All classes aim to balance effort and ease. Teaching with a friendly, down-to-earth approach, James’s intention is to leave students feeling centred, relaxed and uplifted.

NARAYANI was inspired by the words “easeful bodies, peaceful minds, useful lives”, she has been teaching since 2004 empowering students to be their healthiest, happiest, most effective selves. Her teaching draws on a wide variety of yoga tools including asana, pranayama and meditation, mantra, simple movement, partner work and self-study.  Classes may build flexibility, strength, mindful connection for life on and off the yoga mat and facilitate restorative rest.



SIMONE KLEIN teaches a thoughtful alignment-focused slow flow vinyasa which links breath with movement and holding postures to establish alignment. Through safe practice, a combination of strength and softness, and a gentle compassionate approach she hopes to bring a quiet awareness and mindfulness to breath and body. Simone is a British Wheel of Yoga registered teacher.


AMY CONOCHIE has been practising yoga for over 15 years, trained to teach in 2014 and has completed further training including Restorative and Pregnancy Yoga. She has a desire to make yoga accessible to all, to encourage people to explore the physical postures as a way to take moment out of your day to just exhale and let go.  You can contact her by email.


CAITLIN GRIFFITHS began practising yoga as a way to “switch off” from hectic life as a medical student and quickly became hooked, completing her Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow teacher training in India a few years later. Her classes aim to create a sense of balance by nourishing the mind-body connection in ways that simultaneously ground and uplift. She firmly believes that yoga is a practice for anybody and everybody. Find her on Instagram.

DORCAS KIERNAN   began practising yoga when she was 11. For the past 5 years yoga has been am intrinsic part of her life. Her Asana practice has allowed her to  reconnect with her breath, body and heart. She endeavour to help others to find their connection.  Get in touch on her website or Facebook.


FLAVIA  CERRONE When she first started practising yoga in 2009, Flavia was surprised by the sense of lightness and well being she felt at the end of the class. Life seemed a little easier after yoga and her stressful working demands felt more manageable. She has been teaching since 2014 and she's a British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals registered teacher . Find out more on her website , on Facebook or Twitter.


''Flavia sets the class at just the right level and she is great at creating a friendly environment where people can interact with each other without feeling out of place. For me, the yoga class is not just about the practice, wonderful in its own way, but it’s also about who you meet and the sense of community that creates, bringing locals together with whom you would not meet unless you took up a common interest like yoga! ''  Amanda Taylor

Katharina Tarmann is a Health Trainer and Exercise Instructor from Austria. She has been working in the field of fitness for over 20 years. She is specialized in MSK conditions and Lower Back Pain, offering Hydrotherapy classes and Pilates as well as special cardiac rehab classes.

Her Passion for Nia (Neurofacial Intergrative Activities) began after just one class: “Nia was the most joyful fitness class I ever experienced. I fell in love at first try and started my teacher training Immediately”.

NICOLA CROUCHER  has been practising yoga for the past 14 years and teaching for almost 6 years. Nicola’s own personal journey has taken her from the depths of anxiety, depression and addiction to a healing place of peace, harmony and joy. Therefore she shares her knowledge of the science, art and philosophy of yoga and her classes are fun and relaxed yet mentally engaging and physically rewarding.


''I have tried today the yoga class and meditation with Nicola and it was fantastic! She is an amazing teacher and I was super happy with the class, I will definitely come back! Roberta''  

SWATI PANDE ’s approach to practice is slow, mindful and anatomically-sound movement to enable full embodiment.She has been practising Yoga since 2014, after coming to it following a health condition,found it immensely beneficial  and has become interested in it's therapeutic potential. She is half way through the Triyoga teacher training diploma validated by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals.


TRESA GILLAM is a mobile personal trainer working in East London. Her sessions incorporate High Intensity Interval Training, Boxing and elements of CrossFit in a fun and welcoming environment. Qualifying as a level 3 personal trainer in 2015, her main focus is on helping people to return to exercise after having some time out to raise a family, or to help those who are starting their fitness journey for the first time. Contact for more information or visit her website or Facebook page.





TANIA SANSOM discovered her passion for yoga while in India and subsequently undertook a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow training in Spain. Her intelligently sequenced flows are set to music and are energetic and dynamic yet calming and grounding. All levels are welcome



ULRIKE SCHMIDT was born in Germany and comes from a busy hotel and catering background. Ulrike discovered yoga after she was involved in a car accident in 2000. Yoga helped her to recover from her injuries and continues to bring many physical and mental benefits to her busy professional life. In 2017 Ulrike decided it was time to share her passion with the world and graduated as a Yoga Teacher in the Bahamas with Sivanada Yoga. She teaches Hatha flow and hopes to bring her students the best workout for body and mind.

WENDY MILLYARD'S teaching style is warm, friendly and welcoming to all levels. Her hatha yoga classes focus on safe, healthy alignment, delivered with a sense of humour, playing with a curious exploration of asana (physical poses) and breath awareness. 

She aims to help her students find a greater sense of well-being and self-compassion and to open more fully into the experience of being alive! Find out more on her website and Instagram.

Thania tympanari

THANIA TYMPANARI  first found Yoga through dance at 2000 in Athens. After the first class she felt the freedom, that had never found in any physical exercise before. The Flow classes she teaches are influenced from Dance, Martial Arts, Swimming, Alexander Technique and Ayurveda! You will think how can you put all of these together in just one Vinyasa class! Well you can! With lots of love and understanding for the individual, always moving forward with attention and intention.  Find out more on her website , on Facebook , Twitter or via email .



XENIA BOLOMYTI 's yoga journey began 17 years ago and thrives on continuous education from a variety of Yoga disciplines. With a background in Ayurveda, physical theatre, dancing, Butoh and sports, she deepened my practice in body and mind awareness. Her technique is rooted in Vinyasa tradition with the influence of the Ayurvedic health system. Find out more about her on her website, on Facebook or via email.