To support you in making this event as successful as possible, and engaging the local community in the process, we have put together a toolkit on marketing tips and support that includes online sites and press to look out for, as well as making the most of social media.

You may already be a marketing genius but this could be your first time promoting an event in Tower Hamlets, or you may be entirely new to event promotion. Either way, we hope there’s something beneficial in this toolkit!


To be able to spread the news about you and your event we would need you to fill in the below info 6-8 weeks before the date of your event with us. If the information comes less than 6 weeks before your event, we will unfortunately not be able to include it in our newsletter due to printing deadlines, but will still add it to our website.

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We would be very happy to place your flyers/posters for your event throughout St. Margaret's House. Please send a WeTransfer or similar link of your A3/A4 poster, and social media formats.
This is for images of: behind-the-scenes, previous workshops etc. Please use a WeTransfer or similar link. Though we cannot guarantee that regular posts about your event will go out from our accounts, we would love for you to send us any graphics, images, press and/or content relating to your event that we could share across our social media.
Please include here links to your online profiles, including your social media handles, Website, Facebook event ,Eventbrite, articles/testimonials/reviews about previous workshops
Would you like help producing visuals, such as posters, for your event?
Please note that this will be dependent on the resources we have available, but select 'Yes' if you would like to chat to us further about it.


We will list your event on:

  • Our website that is visited by more than 10.000 people every month, and

  • In our physical monthly newsletter printed in 500 copies, which we distribute across our premises and shops

  • Our monthly events calendars placed on our premises

Social Media

As we are lucky enough to host a range of brilliant events, we cannot always dedicate specific posts to each event. But please invite us to co-host Facebook events with you, so those who like our page will be notified of these events.

Do also tag us in your posts so we can reshare them. You’ll find us at:

Facebook: St. Margaret’s House & Create Place

Twitter: @stmargaretsldn

Instagram: @stmargaretsldn & @thecreateplace



If you are looking for images to use on social media, posters and flyers, you can find lots of images available to use for free via Unsplash:

Converting your images to different sizes to suit each social media platform can make these images more effective. Sprout Social enables you to quickly resize these images according to each social network, which you can access here:

If you’re producing flyers and/or posters for your event, a cheap and quick option is to get them printed through SoloPress:


Listing your event on local and London-wide sites will help it get seen by an interested audience. Great sites to request to list your event on include:

Tower Hamlets Arts / Roman Road LDN / East London / East London Advertiser / Time Out London / Londonist / LONDNR / Made In Shoreditch


Is there a particular angle to your event that makes it more marketable? This might be if it coincides with a particular commemorative day, like International Women’s Day, or if it has a unique USP that’s culturally or politically relevant. If you wish to contact press about your event (either by sending a press release or by introducing yourselves and offering an interview), places to consider are:

East London Advertiser / East End Review / East London Radio / Love East / Love Bethnal Green/ Beast mag / East Cast Radio / About Time magazine / Made In Shoreditch / Unread magazine


Questions to ask when it comes to social media promotion:

  • Which audience am I targeting?

  • What else is going on in the area?

  • Am I posting regularly about the workshop (2-3 times a week)? And enough in advance?

  • Do my posts stand out or will they get lost in timelines?

    Below are some tips and tricks for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:


    • Join in with Twitter chats, which are an hour when particular communities, such as those all interested in crafts, will interact with other similar pages to network and share what they are up to. The relevant hashtag needs to be used on your tweets to be a part of the chat. Useful Twitter chats to know about are:

    > #MentalHealthHour Sunday 8-9pm (‪you can tag in @MentalHealth_Hr)

                   > #HandMadeHour Weds 7.30-8.30pm and Sunday 8-9pm  (you can tag in @HandmadeHour)

               > #CraftHour Sunday 7-8pm (you can tag in @Craft_Hour)

    • Relevant hashtags to use in Tweets to help grow your audience include: #amcreating, #craftworkshop, #artsandcraft, #handmade (NOTE: It’s best not to use more than two or three hashtags per posts otherwise the post looks like spam)

    • It’s good to use images in your posts as this leads to more retweets

    • When you put an image in the post, you can also tag users in the pictures. It is good to tag in people and pages that are likely to retweet the post, such as What’s On pages for East London and Bethnal Green, and craft pages. Below are some examples of pages to consider tagging in: @LoveEastMag / @MadeIShoreditch / @LoveBthnlGreen / @craftsmagazine / @craftivist / @CraftsCouncilUK / @handmadebritain / @‪LondonCraftClub

    • A typical rule for promotion is the 4:1 rule, which means for every promo post you do about a certain event, then do three posts that don’t relate to that event, such as retweeting content from a page you like, or sharing an article. The pages above are also great ones to start conversations with and form an online network.


    • Posting multiple pictures in a carousel on Facebook usually gets more likes, as does videos. Facebook’s algorithm means that posts receive comments from users appear in more timelines. This means asking questions in your captions is a good idea as it encourages these comments.

    • It’s best to use no hashtags, or just one or two, as otherwise people tend to think it’s spam.

    • Sharing content from other people’s pages make them more likely to share yours. Pages to check out are: @craftivistcollecitve / @ArtFundUK / @LondonArtEvents / @ArtMonthly

    • Verify your Facebook page as it makes it more likely to appear in timelines. Go to settings -> General -> Get verified. A verified page can also do live videos on Facebook.

    • If you have the budget to pay for promotion on social media, Facebook is the best out of all the platforms to do this. Paid promotion is a good option if you have not got as many attendees as you’d like, because it generates buzz about the workshop. Running a competition for a free ticket to the workshop is also another way of doing this.

    • Create a Facebook event for your workshop. In the event, include:

                                > A relevant cover photo e.g. your poster or an image of previous workshop

                                 > Date, time, venue of workshop – and invite the Create Place to co-host the event with you!

                                 > Link to tickets

                                 > In the details, include all the information about the workshop here, and link to tickets again.

                                 > Select ‘Art’ category and add in a few keywords.


    • Share pictures from previous workshops when posting about new workshops as people like to see the space they’ll be working in and get a feel for the workshop/class.

    • Open up your DMs as links don’t work in Instagram captions so people will usually message via Instagram looking to book, and you can then send them the link to tickets.

    • Behind the scenes posts about setting up for the event and what’s going on at the event make great Instagram stories.

    • Make your Instagram account a business page so you can see your analytics. This means you can find out more about your audience and popular posts. Here’s a post detailing how to set up a business page:

    • Use hashtags to widen your reach. Either put them beneath your caption or in a comment on the photo. General hashtags about the Create Place to use are: #workshop #eventslondon #creativeworkshop #charity #nonprofit #ammaking #amcreating #bethnalgreen #eastlondon #london #artists #artistsofinstagram #crafts #craftworkshop

If you have any extra queries regarding the promotion of your event, please get in touch with Jennifer, our Digital Communications Coordinator at