There are a growing number of Bangladeshi young people with disabilities that need advice, support, information and advocacy support due to lack of knowledge and awareness. Often the language barrier results in loss of benefits, entitlements, access and opportunities to services and provisions offered by the statutory, private and voluntary sector.

BPCA will continue to actively work to raise awareness of the rights and entitlements of disabled Bangladeshi people in Tower Hamlets and are able to help them play a full role in society as equal citizens. Bangladeshi children and young people with learning disabilities still find themselves amongst the most marginalised groups of people in the community.

As a result both young and older people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities are often socially and financially impoverished, vulnerable and living in, but rarely part of, the community. Only a small number of young people with learning disabilities have been able to access some form of supported employment and the number is even smaller from those of ethnic minority backgrounds.


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