Hatha Yoga class to bring you back to basics.

Connect with your breath and gain awareness of your body in motion and in stillness. Increase your strength, your flexibility and your endurance and reduce your stress levels.


ANNA KRITIKOU is a Hatha Yoga instructor, and Alexander Technique teacher. She was always interested in the structure of the body and the way it moves and functions, and her teaching plays with those ideas. Her lessons aim to increase understanding of the body and self awareness; provide space for change and improve general well-being by reeducating body and mind. You can contact her by email or on her website.

NICOLA CROUCHER  has been practising yoga for the past 14 years and teaching for almost 6 years. Nicola’s own personal journey has taken her from the depths of anxiety, depression and addiction to a healing place of peace, harmony and joy. Therefore she shares her knowledge of the science, art and philosophy of yoga and her classes are fun and relaxed yet mentally engaging and physically rewarding.

SWATI PANDE ’s approach to practice is slow, mindful and anatomically-sound movement to enable full embodiment.She has been practising Yoga since 2014, after coming to it following a health condition,found it immensely beneficial  and has become interested in it's therapeutic potential. She is half way through the Triyoga teacher training diploma validated by the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

WENDY MILLYARD'S teaching style is warm, friendly and welcoming to all levels. Her hatha yoga classes focus on safe, healthy alignment, delivered with a sense of humour, playing with a curious exploration of asana (physical poses) and breath awareness. She aims to help her students find a greater sense of well-being and self-compassion and to open more fully into the experience of being alive! Find out more on her website and Instagram.