Working on body awareness, energy and alignment we will balance and strengthen the body. Focussing on the breath we will bring mindfulness into the practice feeling calmer and restored. And remember, slow does not mean easy!


INSTRUCTOR: ANOUSKA SHENN's flowing sequences are physically challenging and strongly linked to the breath, while emphasising alignment and the bandhas.

SIMONE KLEIN teaches a thoughtful alignment-focused  flow which links breath with movement and holding postures to establish alignment. Through safe practice, a combination of strength and softness, and a gentle compassionate approach she hopes to bring a quiet awareness and mindfulness to breath and body. Simone is a British Wheel of Yoga registered teacher.

FLAVIA CERRONE works on body awareness, energy and alignment while balancing and strengthening the body. Focussing on the breath, mindfulness is brought back  into the practice leaving you feeling calmer and restored.