What makes you feel healthy, vital and full of energy? Often wellness is about changing habits, over time, in small increments, willingly. It’s about lifestyle choices, taking time out, contemplating, reflecting back, awareness, and being conscientious in the present moment. These all contribute to how you interact with the outside world in a way that functions for you. In these sessions, we’re looking at life from the inside out, rather than being dominated from the outside.

INSTRUCTOR: SELMA PIRO's Way of Wellness has been developed around my own skill-set of community development (including international development with UNICEF), safeguarding, public health (MSc in Applied Nutrition & Food Policy) and therapeutic work (Dance Movement Psychotherapy), as well as regeneration, timebanking, permaculture and management tools like Action Learning (School for Social Entrepreneurs’ Fellow & Chartered Management Institute, Level 4 Introductory Diploma in Management).