every Friday in the Create Place,

we host a low-cost, flexible coworking space


With this not-for-profit co-working space, you’ll find a friendly, peaceful environment for you to mix up your schedule, get organised, and get out into the community!

How does it work?

  • Every Friday, we are open from 10am to 4pm.

  • It costs just £1 per hour, which is paid in cash on the day. This money goes right back into supporting our Coworking Fridays, buying supplies & tasty treats, and we also run freelance-orientated workshops that will help you and your business thrive.

  •  You can either book your slot via email, or just drop in on the day.

There is:

  • fast, reliable wifi

  • tea and coffee

  • access to a cosy kitchen 

  • a private meeting room available for bookings suitable for up to 8 people - this meeting room is £1 per person per hour. and can be booked in advance or on the day (when available)

  • opportunities to build networks as the project develops

  • our award winning vegan Gallery Cafe just 2 minutes away for a delicious breakfast, dinner or lunch

  • our wellbeing studio is just next door if you want to relax before or after work

We welcome all creative and community practices, from writing to designing, textile-making to starting your own business.


You will be greeted by our volunteer,  who runs the studio on Coworking Fridays and is looking forward to meeting you!

If you are interested in more information, please get in touch with our Arts Manager Siobhán at: arts@stmargaretshouse.org.uk.


If you work in the creative industries, freelancing can be a great way to go about it: there’s more freedom to explore the opportunities that inspire you, set your own goals and manage your own time.

However, working in your pyjamas can have its downsides. Developing a structure and staying motivated can be tough, and being alone all day can sometimes be an isolating, atomising experience.

East London is home to more creatives than anywhere else in Europe and we want to give them a chance to work independently, but in an affordable setting.

The coworking space is a work in progress - we want to hear your suggestions for how we can make things better for local creatives :)