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training workshops

Join Juta Shoes for a weekly community training session, specifically for local women who are not in full-time employment.

You can learn how to make shoes and other products from leather, meet other local women, and find out more about how you can earn money on your own time making shoes and teaching workshops for us.

Contact hello@jutashoes.com to find out more.





Shoemaking Workshops

22 & 28 September / 27 October / 10 & 23 november / 8 december


£80, book here

Learn every step of making your own bespoke shoes in this unique workshop. You’ll cut your pattern, fit and pin your material, and hand-sew your own shoes!

Contact hello@jutashoes.com with enquiries.

Images: Kanahaya Alam


Juta Shoes is a shoemaking social enterprise. They make handcrafted espadrilles from reclaimed leather, and teach shoemaking workshops. They support, train and employ local women who face barriers to work. They have been running weekly training sessions for two years.


Meet the tutors

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Joanna and Sabeha met in May 2016 at St Hilda’s East Community Centre and came up with a crazy idea to start a shoe company…

Sabeha has worked at St Hilda’s for 12 years, leading women’s community projects and working to reduce social barriers for marginalised women, and she has a BA in Social Enterprise.

Joanna was a 2016 Year Here fellow, and nearly went to medical school before she realised she’d prefer to be making shoes.