A family day by St. Margaret's House

1st September 11am to 3pm | Hall | Free

We rounded off the last weekend of the school holidays with the return of our Family Day!

We teamed up with long-time friends of St. Margaret's House to create a wonderful mix of activities for the whole family, with a particular focus on creativity and wellbeing. Discover what we had on offer below:

Interativos | 11am to 3pm

Our monthly Create Place workshop held a special family theme!

Interativos is a playground for adults and children of all ages, and we invited families to make a kaleidoscope collage inspired by Yayoi Kusama. They used recycled materials, drawing and painting in their creations, with guidance from artist Sylvia Morgado.

Yoga for Kids | 11.10- 11.50am

Yoga and mindfulness helps children realise their full potential. This class gave children the chance to experience the effects of yoga in a fun and interactive way. They explored traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation in a non-competitive environment, with our teacher Jess Carmichael. 

Pregnancy Yoga | 2.45p- 1.45pm | Yoganest

Our pregnancy yoga classes also returned to the Yoganest. Pregnancy is a wonderful time to deepen your yoga practise and bond with your baby, and this session offered women a path into yoga whether they were experienced yogis or new to the practise.

Participants flowed through a series of adapted yoga postures and breathing practices designed to create comfort, stability, space and support for the physical changes that occur during pregnancy.


The incredibly talented Sarah Griffiths was busy painting amazing creations between 12pm and 2pm. Check out her beautiful Instagram here or Facebook .

Freshwater Theatre Presents: Mischief Makers | 12- 1pm

Freshwater Theatre offered the chance to experience the mad-cap world of Beanoland, bringing to life Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx through drama, storytelling, plenty of interactivity and lots of laughter. Children enjoyed fun, mischievous and prank-filled activities that saw them transform into some of The Beano’s best-loved characters.

Mischief Makers was a part of Freshwater Theatre's 2018 Summer Reading Challenge, with this drama-based workshop sparking children's imaginations to encourage them to read on and discover more!

Grand Union Orchestra Presents: Rhythms of the World | 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Families heard and learnt some African and Latin-American percussion with Claude Deppa from South Africa and Carlos Fuentes from Chile as part of this Rhythms of the World workshop!