Kids Yoga Club

On 30th October we are launching a kids yoga club after half-term at the Yoganest!

Jess Carmichael, a yoga teacher and long-time friend of St. Margaret’s House, shares her thoughts on the importance of the practice for kids:

“Children are inherently creative and through creativity and playfulness they are able to learn about themselves, others and their environment.

Yoga gives children a chance to incorporate movement of the body along with exploration of the breath to cultivate a new awareness of the body and mind. This in turn teaches children that they are able to self-regulate, that they can breathe through feelings of anxiety, anger and overexcitement and have the clarity to make better decisions or ask for help without feeling overwhelmed. This knowledge can be carried through childhood and drawn upon throughout life. Building the connection between your physical response and mental state empowers them and develops their inner resilience early on in life.

My yoga classes for children aim to create a fun and accepting space where children can connect with themselves, make friends and learn the role that they play within their environment through finding respect for self and others. There is time for a moment of quiet, stillness and calm during our final relaxation and i am always humbled and in awe of children’s ability to find this, if just for a moment.”