Quaker Social Action was founded in 1867 as a philanthropic response to the appalling poverty in east London at the time. Now, 141 years later, their innovative and clearly focused projects work to enable local people to tackle deep-rooted social, economic and environmental injustice.

The QSA are an independent charity, governed by Quakers, but open to all. There is no religious element to their work, but their commitment to address social exclusion arises from Quaker principles of justice, simplicity, truth and peace. They run six practical, sustainable and collaborative projects responding to the needs of east London. The people with whom they work are agents of change, not objects of charity. Their role is to provide people with the right tools, in the right way, at the right time, to take control of the issues affecting their lives. There are six sub-groups of Quaker Social Action: Knees Up, Stepping Stones, Made of Money, Homestore, Homelink and Down to Earth. Please see the website for further details.  

Tel: 020 8953 5030