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The information will be used for us to get in touch with you to discuss a potential collaboration and assess if you would be a suitable partner for St. Margaret's House.  If the application  turns into a partnership, we  might use the information to create promotional content to advertise your work and our partnership.

Terms and conditions

1. You shall use the premises in a reasonable and responsible manner and observe all rules and regulations governing such use.

2. You shall use the premises only at those times, in those places and for those purposes specified in the Room Hire Form.  You shall ensure that the maximum number of participants is not exceeded.

3. You shall have a duty to prevent all losses, breakages, defacements and damages within the premises whether to the fabric of the building or to fittings fixtures furnishings and equipment howsoever caused.  You shall accept liability for the full cost of any renewal, repair or replacement for any loss, breakage, defacement or damage.

4. You shall have a duty to maintain the security of the premises and those parts of the premises at the time being used.  You shall have a duty to prevent any and all unauthorised access or intrusion into the premises.

5. The supervision of your activities shall be solely your responsibility.  You shall undertake to provide proper and adequate supervision of individuals using premises under these Terms and Conditions and shall ensure that any person acting in a boisterous or disorderly manner is escorted from the premises.

6. You shall use your best endeavours to ensure that invitees do not congregate outside the building or cause any late night disturbance or noise which may be or become a nuisance to occupiers in adjoining premises.

7. You shall not neglect to do or permit others to neglect to do any matter or thing on the property or within the immediate vicinity of the property which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to others or to adjoining properties or which may initiate any insurance of the property against fire or otherwise, or increase the ordinary premium of such insurance.

8. You shall not exhibit any notice board or notice of any kind or description whatsoever without the prior consent of St Margarets House management.

9. You shall take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents to any person or persons during or in connection with your use of the premises.  You shall provide all necessary attendance and supervision to prevent such accidents occurring.

10. You shall be bound by any regulations or conditions relating to the use of buildings contained in statute statutory instrument or the byelaws of any statutory authority and shall be responsible for securing any permit or licence, which may be required by such regulations or conditions.

11. You shall not attempt to assign sublet or in any other way dispose of or permit the use of any part of the premises to any other body person or persons.

12. You shall be solely responsible for any goods or possessions left on the premises, whether belonging to you or to any person or persons connected with the activities.  St Margarets House shall be under no liability for any loss or damage to such goods or possessions howsoever caused.

13. You shall not bring into the premises any alcohol or illegal substance.

14. Representatives of St Margarets House and members of the Police on duty shall have the right of entry at all times to the Property.

15. The cancellation period is 4 weeks, after which the full fee is payable.

16. A £50 surcharge is charged for any bookings that go over the time allotted for their room hire.