U3A is a self-help organisation for people with time on their hands providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in the friendly environment of St. Margaret's House. The Tower Hamlets branch of the U3A was started in 2008, and has since attracted many lively, friendly and enthusiastic local members.

The U3A is not what we usually think of as a university. It's a place to learn from each other's interests, enthusiasm, experience or knowledge - and there is no coursework or exams! U3A members are people who are interested and enthusiastic about something, anything and everything. They get together with fellow enthusiasts to talk about it, do it and learn more about it.

All are over 50 and not in full-time work as we meet during the day, usually at St. Margaret's House in Old Ford Road. The U3A members set up and run the groups, and full support is given to new ideas for even more groups. It costs just £7.50 per year to be a member and you can join as many of the groups as you want. Groups currently running include Jazz music appreciation, book clubs, tai chi and art classes.

Tel: 020 7247 4283