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A Woman's Touch



This Women's Month Sanga Sanga are collaborating with St Margaret's House to host A Woman's Touch (Goddess Worshipping) in our Yoganest studio.

This workshop is an exploration of healing touch with other women, and will focus on creating a soft and fluffy bubble where we will work in partners and small groups to explore connection and healing through the medium of touch. 

Drawing on practices from Tantra we will guide you through a series of exercises where you will learn: 
• How to open and surrender to receiving loving touch
• How to ask for what you really want (and how to set boundaries)
• How to give loving and nurturing touch
• Re-sensitising the body

You will float out of the workshop on a cloud of blissful relaxation.

(There will be fun connection exercises at the beginning and a sharing circle to close)

This is a pay what you can workshop, with a suggestion of a £5-£10 donation.


Earlier Event: March 24
Later Event: March 29
Open Mic