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'Long: 'A talk about 100 years of Bethnal Green history. Starting in 1862 when children were often born into poverty with had no hope of an education and were often put to work at 6 years of age or younger. People too old to work without relatives to support them would often end their days on the streets or in the workhouse. Living conditions were often substandard but this was a century of immense change and within this 100 years, life changed beyond people’s wildest dreams. State education and old people’s pension were introduced. Working hours reduced from often a 72 hour week. Through such momentous times meet some of the famous people who made their mark in Bethnal Green such as Walter Tull (the first black British Army officer of WWI) and the lesser known who nonetheless should not be forgotten such as those involved in the Bethnal Green tube disaster of 1943 -  there is much much more to tell.


Earlier Event: December 15
Chapel Cinema
Later Event: December 20
Christmas Hamper Workshop