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Different Sides of a Same Line by Lara Gallagher

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Come down to the Gallery Cafe to celebrate the official opening of our October exhibition 'Different Sides of a Same Line' by Lara Gallagher.

Lara is a French / English visual artist, who grew up in a multicultural household and community. After a childhood in the south of France she decided to relocate to London, a city she felt corresponded better to her art. Influenced by her studies in graphic design and her love for the hidden and the intangible, she creates a surreal world of light and shadow; of hard edged lines and flowing curves; of saturated colours or black and white.

The work discusses humanity’s need to transcend inner and outer limitations. One is on a constant quest for freedom whether it be through the material or the immaterial, opulence or austerity, pleasure or deprivation. In this pursuit one comes to realise that although the box may be expanded it remains present. The work pictures a limited reality through opposing forms, colours and concepts. However it is still placed within a forever multiplying universe.

The aim is not always on the viewer’s literal understanding of what is being conveyed. Imagery is used to precisely disguise thoughts and feelings. One may find oneself stating and believing in a certain concept yet simultaneously stating and believing in its opposite. These seemingly contradictory points of view may well be interpreted as personal yet, when placed on a wider scale, can be seen as the simple expression of Earth’s dual nature. A dual nature that nevertheless remains unified, hence the existence of a third multidimensional reality.

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