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Grafik Bites: Illustrator

A 3 week long University-grade course to discover the power of Adobe Illustrator and learn some tips of Graphic Design,

The Course

Discover the basics of the most important graphic softwares (this month it's Adobe Illustrator, next month will be Photoshop). Every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 9:30pm for 3 consecutive weeks learn all the industry secrets that designers, photographers and artists use to transform their ideas into visual products. This is a budget course that Grafik Bites offers to the community and it's curated and ran by full time graphic designers with a huge passion for teaching.

Course Content

Starting with the basic steps of Illustrator, the schedule is flexible as it's built around the class skill level - which tend to vary dramatically each month. As a guide we guarantee to teach the following:

  • Illustrator dynamics (as in - how this software works and what you can do with it)
  • The workspace and the interface (from the menu to the canvas)
  • The tools and their use (expect 50+ practical exercises)
  • Vectors, objects and paths creation (you'll love this part)
  • Grid system theory (it's less boring than it sounds)
  • Colouring techniques (feel like a child again)
  • Typography (nothing too academic - more like an eye opening discovery)
  • Saving and exporting your work (there wouldn't be much point in creating stuff otherwise)


We'll provide you with anything that a workshop like this - in our opinion - should provide. This includes a small snack table with food and drink accessible during the lesson. A projector and a screen. A lovely and passionate instructor. A certificate of participation. All-you-can-drink tea.

To you, we only ask the following:

  • To participate it is essential to bring your own laptop and download the Adobe Illustrator trial.
  • This is a 3 week workshop (1 lesson per week, every Wednesday), please register ONLY IF YOU ARE COMMITTED TO ATTEND AT LEAST 2 LESSONS.
  • This workshop requires a basic knowledge of computers. Can you answer these questions: can you connect to a wifi connection? Can you install Adobe Illustrator by yourself or with minimal help? Can you open a browser and find the Grafik Bites website on the Internet? Yes? Then you have enough knowledge of the computer :)

Why is this course so cheap? Where is the catch?

If you are reading this it's probably because you are fully aware that the market doesn't offer anything similar in this price range. Offering a workshop like this one generally requires costly equipment (computer workstations, Adobe licenses), ongoing classroom rent - think London - and qualified personnel. We knocked down these costs thanks to a team of passionate volunteers and by asking you to provide for:

  • your own laptop - because we are sure that today everyone has one;
  • an Adobe Illustrator license, because you can download it for free (trial version);
  • time, because understanding this software will need plenty of it.

Not least Grafik Bites thanks generosity of St.Margaret's House for letting us use its amazing workshop labs at The Create Place for almost nothing. So by keeping the costs super low, we can continue to offer Grafik Bites to you :)

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