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Shape Your Area

‘Junction’ is a community engagement service by Fang and Joo from the Royal College of art and St. Margaret’s House. 

This is a service that includes programmes and a website that can be delivered in a diverse array of community hubs. It creates opportunities for active participation, increased access to affordable and diverse community programmes, information and resources integration, and delivery of genuine community support.

We invite you to join our community fun day. The activities and programmes are as follows...
1. Share your news and thoughts. 
- See what’s going on in your community.

2. Propose and enjoy diverse activities!
- We have art based activities for you to drop in. If you would like to hold a short workshop to address local issues or contribute to the community with your talent. Please feel free to contact us via email ->

3. Share your story map!
- Share what you enjoy and see stories from the area based on local maps. You can enjoy the area like a local.


*We provide free coffee voucher when you join certain amount of activities!