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Splintered People: Can People and Profit Co-exist?

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Venue: Hall behind the cafe (map below)

6pm to 8.30pm | Free (registration link below)

Thinking City is an editorial platform dedicated to the exploration and discussion of inclusive cities. This panel event will bring a diverse range of speakers together from the housing and regeneration industries to discuss and debate whether the conflicting interests of inclusive communities and profitable development can co-exist in London, and what meaningful strategies can be applied to strike a balance for a future of London that’s fit for all.

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The narrative around the future of London is well-trodden: we are heading towards a city of spiralling inequality, no affordable housing, a market ruled by greedy developers and foreign investors, and blanket social cleansing. The rally cry of response? Self-build! Co-living! Off the grid! No more private development!

These proposals have important points and for some work perfectly, but they take us from one end of the spectrum to another – and propose a future which by current standards is impossible to achieve at large scale.

In short, capitalism is not going to be dismantled overnight – but many arguments seem to forget this. We live in a world where money rules if not everything, then a hell of a lot. So what can we do to work within the system, to create viable, meaningful solutions to bring us to a point where a broad array of people can afford to live well in London, while profit nevertheless continues?

It's time for a debate. A discussion. To bring both sides together and grapple for a realistic roadmap to a London for all.

Speakers TBC!

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