We are a unique charity supporting  creativity & wellbeing in Bethnal Green.

Our projects anchor us in the community, providing spaces for residents to eat, shop, learn, create, and enjoy a diverse cultural program.

Our buildings are home to more than 25 community organisations and charities that rent space on our premises and many others that hire our rooms for their meetings, training sessions, and events.


At the heart of St. Margaret’s House are our community projects:




chain reaction

On 27th October, we held a community cycling celebration, where cyclists got support with maintenance and security, rolled around laughing at a 70s cult classic film, and learnt some yoga moves to help them on and off the bike.

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Public consultation

We are currently looking to the future, exploring the possibility of expanding our work with a new build. As part of this process, we asked for your feedback on the initial proposals.

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Summer Jamboree 2018

Our annual Family day took place on the 1st day of September and it was a day packed with fun events for the entire family !

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Over the summer, we launched a low-cost, flexible coworking space, which now opens every Friday in the Create Place.

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